Rodrigo Medeiros BJJ Seminar

Mind Blowing is all I can say!!! 

The location was Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness in Katy, Texas.  This is a great facility.  Lots of bags, a cage, Crossfit, and most important…  A huge mat for rolling!!!  Oh, yeah they also have showers and bathrooms, too.

The people, Rodrigo Medeiros, (who was that other amazing black belt), Tim Credeur, Carlo Prator, Jeff Messina of Revolution dojo, Derrick Breaux of Black List Jiu-Jitsu. 

This was the second Rodrigo seminar I’ve been to, and I was in awe at both.  His movements are as smooth as glass and as fluid as water.  The material he covers is relevent to bjj practitioners of all levels and sizes.  He covered my favorite technique, the Ezekiel choke (I won a tournament with it).  Rodrigo and the other black belts demonstrated different variations of this choke and many other submissions.  There were about a hundred submissions that were covered.  Well, not quite that many.  The number was closer to fifty if you count the variations.  They also went into detail with the mechanics of each technique.  There was a lot of material covered.  By end of the three hours my mind was mush, but in a good mush way.

My training partner, poor Johnny always gets stuck babysitting me.  I feel bad for him, having to put up with me and all (I’m just a little hardheaded).  But he’s a great training partner.  He uses technique instead of muscle.  Which is great since I’m the smallest adult in the school.  He also has this crazy ability to keep the game just above my skill level.  This is helpful, because he pushes my game to it’s peak without overwhelming me.  Thanks Johnny!!!

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