It’s all about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Wednesday – 1 September 2010

I trained BJJ at Revolution Dojo in Houston, Texas.  Sister school to Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness in Katy, Texas.  Revolution Dojo is located at 3530 Pinemont Dr.
Houston, TX 77018.  This location is all about BJJ training.  This is no frills training, and that is what I love about this location.  I usually go to the noon class.  The classes are small, so the instructor has more time with each student.  This is a big plus for my feeble old mind. (I turn 42 on Tuesday) 

The instructor Mike Jackson, went over the differences between two guillotine techniques.  The first one was arm in.  This is where one arm goes around the opponent’s head, really deep, from back to front.  This positions the bicep against the opponent’s carotid artery.  The second  arm goes under the opponent’s opposite arm from back to front and clasping your other arm against the opponent’s chest.  You then roll to your side in a guard position.  Finally, you arch your back to increase the pressure and lock in the choke.  The second version was arm out.  With this one, you reach around the back of your opponent’s neck from back to front.  Then place the distal part of your forearm against their carotid artery.  You will be using the radius bone to occlude the artery, instead of the bicep.  Your body will trap the other side of the head / neck.  Then you reach between the two of you with your opposite hand, clasp them and then finnish as with arm in guillotine.

Rolling was one man in with a fresh opponent every three minutes.  Then rotate the inside man until everybody has rolled with each other twice.  I like it when we do this, because I don’t feel like such a burden on my training partner.  As I said before, I’m the smallest adult in the school. I think I’m also the oldest student at the school.  Add to that, I’m a striker.  Which puts me on the remedial track when it comes to grappling.  But that’s OK, because it’s all about the journey, not the destination. 

Saturday, if I wake up in time, I will be training Judo with Instructor Bryan Neil.  I’m looking forward to being on my feet.

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2 Responses to It’s all about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  1. NinjaEditor says:

    I often feel like a burden on my partners too—I’m tiny, too: 5′, 110 lbs. I live in fear that whatever just happened to Leslie (your comment on her post is how I found your blog) will happen to me, but that the guys will reject me because I don’t offer much of a challenge or realistic training experience.

    I’ve been considering cross-training with the judo club up the road. I had a few years of stand-up karate as well; do you find judo more intuitive than jiujitsu, given your background?

    • I don’t have a lot of experience in Judo, just a few classes. The head BJJ instructor Jeff Messina wanted me to train with Brian, the Judo instructor. The reason being is that my take downs are non existent.

      With that said, I love Judo. It’s great to be back on my feet! Yes, because of my striking back ground the Judo foot work seems very natural to me. I’m still trying to figure out the upper body mechanics, but I have nothing but time.

      As with any combat sport though, It’s more about the instructor than it is the style. So, try a class or two, and see if they have a drop in rate.

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