Training Derailed by Life… Again

Well, I was all set this morning for an up close and personal with “The Crash Mat”.  Grappler speak for the big mat that looks like a blue extra thick mattress.  It’s what they use for practicing their throws.  But, class was canceled for the CrossFit Firefighter Challenge. 

Even though I’m a little down about not being able to train, I’m not hating on the CrossFitters or Firefighters.  Those people are tough!  I’ve seen some of their workouts, and they look very challenging.  Just today, I saw two guys racing while carrying PEOPLE across their backs!!!  I have to respect anybody that makes an effort to lead an active healthy life.  Even if they’re not fighters.  So, for those interested, check out NHB CrossFit  in Katy, Texas.  You will find them at Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness

Oh, yeah!  The blog got It’s first comment today!! 🙂  .  To bad it was spam 😦 …  Back to the good news list, Revolution in Katy, TX has great 4G service!  😉 I also found out that they have wi-fi.  I didn’t try the wi-fi but I will next time I’m out there and let you know if it works!!


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