First Day of Hapkido

       Hello this is Joe filling in for Jodi. Today was my first day of Hapkido training. Exciting, but painful, my arm has never had this much negative attention.

     So since today was my first day, the techniques were rather simple but rather effective. I am using effective loosely because the teacher made them look effective. Me not so much, but I did enjoy learning a 16 break maneuver. That  means if used seriously I could easily mangle an arm!

    The moves were a lot more fluid than most other martial arts.  Which for me is hard to get used to, because as a Tae Kwon Do black belt I am more accustomed to more rigid and fast pace movements.  The style itself is not so flashy as it is deadly.  I found that almost every move is meant to debilitate and or kill.  Not really your typical training setting.

     When in most fighting styles you are trained in more of a sporting fashion, meaning kicking, punching, and throws.  In Hapkido you are literally holding your training partner’s life in your hands and with the flick of a wrist can easily take said life. I have not too much to say about the style itself seeing as how I am brand new to the form.  I would very much like to keep it up, seeing as how it’s a change from what I’m used to.  So I’m sorry this article was so short but hopefully next class I will absorb a little more info to write about.

    So stay thirsty fight fans and keep tuning in later.

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