Ibuprofen is My Friend

Hey, it’s me Jodi, I’m back!!

The week started off slow, with Monday being a holiday.  😦  no training.  Tuesday was my birthday, I turned 42!  😉  Wednesday kicked off the start of my training for The Battle of H-Town  Jiu Jitsu  Championship.

I started with an afternoon class at my home school, Revolution Dojo in Houston.  Mike was teaching, he has the patience of Job.  It was a small class, we worked a couple of chokes and then went straight to rolling.  Most of us will be competing within the next month, so we’ve been rolling more and more.  Which is good, because I need more rolling experience.  That night I drove to Katy, Texas to train at my sister school, Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness  .  Jeff Messina was the instructor and he went over some of the sweeps and submissions from the Rodrigo Medeiros’ Seminar.  Great review!  One of the submissions was the baseball choke.  I kept getting my hands backwards.  Which is silly, because I was a good tomboy growing up and baseball is a prerequisite for all tomboys.  But with the patience of my training partner and the tutelage of Jeff I finally got it. Whew!  Then we rolled.

Half way through the first roll I heard and felt something pop in back.  It scared me and I started tapping immediately.  This confused my partner greatly, because he was nowhere near a submission.  (yes, I did a girl thing and tapped to SIDE CONTROL!  lol ) We stopped for a second and everything seemed ok so we started rolling again.  But, by the end of the roll I was in pain.  I felt bad for my partner because he felt guilty.  He didn’t do anything wrong, it was just one of those things.  I stayed for one more roll, this time with a young guy with two months of training.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to defend, so I just let him work submissions.  Boy, I was impressed.  He knew a lot of subs for just two months of training.  I think he was happy with the chance to work submissions without having to focus on defending.  On the way home I called a friend and told her about the injury.  She couldn’t resist the well, now that you’re getting old…

Thursday night (with a lethal dose of ibuprofen on board) I was back at my home school in Houston.  Johnny taught class and reviewed some more of the seminar material.  Johnny’s just starting to teach, which I’m excited about.  He’s very technical and is able to relay that in his instructions.  This is great for me because with my small size, I literally don’t have that much muscle and have to focus on technique.  Johnny and I were both out of the rolling that night due to injuries.  Which was also great for me.  He helped me with my tournament game plan.  We worked out a combination of four submissions that play nicely off one another.  Then, I was off to find the ibuprofen bottle.

The blog got its first non spam comment today.  Thanks NinjaEditor! I have so much more to say, but I have to sleep, so that I can make class in the morning.

Keep Rolling and I’ll see you next time, Jodi.

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2 Responses to Ibuprofen is My Friend

  1. leslie says:

    Hey, it’s not just a “girl thing” to tap out to side control pressure — my guys love to make new guys tap out to 100 kilos. 😛 Also, Justin thinks it’s amusing to do it to me at least once a roll now.

    • @ Leslie – It turns out that I had cracked a rib in my back. My hardheaded self was still trying to train! But yeah, since then I tap out to pressure from side control on a reqular basis now. 😉

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