Tournament Videos

I have to work tonight, so I made the day class at the Pinemont school.  Mike was teaching, YEAH!!  He asked us what situations we got stuck in at the tournament.  Then we started drilling “STUCK” positions on each other.  Mike spent a lot of time here and took turns with each of us.  He helped us out with the sticky situations, and gave us pointers.

Technique was a collar choke.  You start off with your opponent in guard.  You grab one of their arms and pull it across your body while you use your legs to push their body in that direction.  You end up on your side, halfway to back mount (don’t forget to replace your guard from this side position). You then reach around with your free hand and grab their collar really deep.  Then you take the hand you used to pull their arm over with and under hook that arm and then slide it behind their head to finnish the choke.  There were some other options from this position, but we were running out of time.

Rolling – I only had time for one roll because I have to work tonight.  (Oh *&^*^, I have to get off this computer and take a nap before work).  I got to roll with Joel, which is great, because he doesn’t try to squish me or muscle me around.  Thank you Joel!!  I was still tired and sore from the tournament.

Videos from the tournament – I didn’t have time to edit them, sorry.  My instructor Jeff Messina first (fast forward to 45 seconds to skip to the fight)  There was a verbal tap that you can’t hear on this video.

This one is a video of my fight for first place.  I’m in the white gi.

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