Squish, Tap and Repeat

Squish, tap and repeat.  That’s me getting squished and tapped.  I’m a white belt, so I get spazzy.  Then the guys squish (pin) me, until I calm down.  I don’t know much, so I will try to muscle a submission, that’s not really a submission.  The guys respond by showing me a  real submission, and I tap.  Repeat sequence.  I can and did do better last Wednesday.  But it wasn’t something that just happened.  I had to do a lot of mental training.

First stop was BJJ GRRL .  Like the name indicates, she is the go to girl for girls’ BJJ.  Second stop was Kintanon’s comments on game development on BJJ GRRL’s blog and his own blog.  Third was Slideyfoot.  He directed me to a series of articles written by Chrissy Linzy.

I used all of this information plus the self-evaluation.  I wanted to do better when rolling.  I wasn’t looking for submissions.  I was looking for purpose.  My goal was simply to use good technique and to escape non-dominant positions and to obtain dominant ones.  My first roll was with the instructor Mike.  I paid close attention to his actions.  As long as I was using good technique, he would allow me to finnish it.  When I would start to go into “spazzy white belt mode”, he would stop my attempt.  I would immediately focus on good technique again.  I had evolved my rolling so much in such a short time, he was truly amazed.  He even said that that was my best roll ever.

The second roll was with Joel,  I focused again on good technique.  He allowed me to set up and complete an anaconda choke.  My first one to finnish in live rolling. 🙂  He thanked me for the roll and said that it had been a good one.  He also said that I had a good guillotine!

The third roll was with Chris.  I was still moving with purpose and intent, using good technique and he allowed me to take his back.  I was working on a choke, and as long as I was using proper technique, he allowed me the time to work.  I never did finnish the choke, but that isn’t what’s important.  What is important is that I was “aware”.  I was calm and used good technique.  Afterward, Chris talked to me about the choke and other submissions I should look for should the choke fail.

Words can’t explain how much my rolling improved.  My training partners were very appreciative as well.  The best part… I didn’t get tired and short-winded.  I didn’t expend precious energy doing useless spazzy white belt things. 

Thanks again to everybody that helped me through this transformation.  I appreciate you guys so much.

Take care,


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8 Responses to Squish, Tap and Repeat

  1. jen says:

    BJJ Girl is such a great resource! Keep training – mentally & physcially. They’re both important. Trust me, you will surprise yourself one day!

  2. Thanks Jen, I don’t know how I survived BJJ without Leslie and her entourage.
    – sorry for the double post. I had to buy a new keyboard today. I pushed the wrong button and it posted a half finished blog.
    Take care,

  3. slideyfoot says:

    Enormously cool that reading blogs had such a direct and positive impact on your BJJ! Great example of how the internet can be a brilliant way to build community. 😀

    • @ Slideyfoot – As a woman I didn’t have many resources open to me. I got tired of floundering and found Leslie first and then the rest of you guys. Things have gotten so much better since then.

      Thank you,

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