It’s hard enough as it is, for a woman to blend in on the mat.  But gi manufacturers have to put you in Pepto-Bismol Pink!!!  What part of strong independent woman screams for “upset stomach relief” medicine.  I want a beautifully tailored gi that fits my body, not a man’s.  I want beautiful colors like yellow, purple, and baby blue.  Red would be good, if the colors don’t fade to pink.  Yeah, I want a black women’s gi with purple embroidery.  Is that so flippin’ hard!!

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2 Responses to Pepto-Bismol

  1. Georgette says:

    Hey Jodi… I agree totally! That’s why I started dyeing my gis. I wrote about the experience here:

    And I have a couple recommendations for gis that fit our frames. Atama female fits are all right… Fenom Kimonos are really nice (and it’s Triin’s company, out of Dallas, so I love to support a local gal!)… Vulkans come in A0 as do Kauai Kimonos… though I will say I don’t much care for the fit of Ouano female gis, that’s because I am short-but-curvy… tall willowy slender gals will likely love Ouanos.


    • @ Georgette – Thanks for the info. My favorite black gi started ripping today in the noon class. I don’t mind white gis, but there is that one week a month… I’ve been looking at the black Fenom. I like what they are about, and like you said it’s a local girl. I haven’t seen the Vulkan and Kauai women’s gis yet. I’ll have to check them out too.

      Dyeing gis sounds like a good option also.

      Take care,

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