But She Looked So Timid

Tonight was the women’s BJJ class.  When I train with women, I go in with the mindset, “Take it easy and don’t scare them off.”  I think I need to change that to, “No holds barred!”  There were 7 and 1/4 women total.  I say 1/4 because “Half-pint” only weighs about 20 lbs drenched in concrete mixture.  Her sister “Demon” was there as well.  “Demon is eleven and outweighs me by about twenty-five pounds.  She’s been training for three years.  I’ve rolled with her before…  I got suckered into the she’s eleven years old thing and was taking it easy on her, until I realized she was kicking my butt!  The girl has rock solid technique.  She’s also incredibly strong.  Tonight, when it came time to roll with her,  I knew better.  I didn’t waste any time locking down an anaconda choke.

Drilling with Demon is tricky.  Like I said, she’s been training for three years and has solid technique.  So she gets a little bored with drilling.  I found that as long as I kept her talking, she would drill non-stop.  So what do you talk about with an eleven year old jiu-jitsonista?  Shopping for gis of course.  Thanks to Georgette and Meg, I had something to talk about. 

It was funny when Jeff, the instructor would check on us.  He would say, “What are you guys talking about?” 

I would reply, “Shopping.”  😉  Jeff would roll his eyes.

Demon would quantify, “But we’re talking about shopping for BJJ Gis.”  😉 Jeff would then smile with approval.

I have to time travel back a year ago.  Be patient.  A year ago I was in class and one of the guy’s girlfriend was there watching.  She really looked like she wanted to jump in.  I had an extra gi with me, so I offered it to her, and asked if she wanted to train with me.  She politely declined, but promised that the next time, she would roll with me.  That girl keeps her promises. 

She slipped into class tonight all shy and timid.  Then we rolled…  As soon as Jeff said go, that sweet little timid girl transformed into a she devil beast dragon from beyond the pits of Hades!!!  🙂  Like I said, I was in the mindset, “Take it easy and don’t scare her off.”  I quickly pinned her in a triangle and said, out loud,  “But she looked so timid!”

All the guys in open mat, and my instructor started laughing.  I think I was laughing too.  Jeff said, “That’s the thing about jiu-jitsu, looks can be deceiving!”  (Glad you got that selling point in there Jeff!)  Later, the “Beast” told me that she had trained for six months.  The reason she had trained for six months, was that she really wanted to train with me.  She wanted to learn some BJJ first.  Awe, that’s one of the sweetest things anybody has ever told me…  I think…  (BTW, I was so shocked by her transformation, that I let her get me on points.)

To finish out the night, Jeff had us play king of the mountain (sweep or submit).  I started out in someone’s mount. I swept six girls, until Half-pint stepped up.  All twenty pounds of her.  Oh, she looks so sweet and innocent with her Goldilocks hair.  I begged Jeff, “Only if she promises not to use that armbar on me again!”  She gave me a very demure smile, and I relented to the battle.  I put up a fight.  I promise I did.  😉 But she finished me anyway, and with that evil armbar of hers.  So, king of the mountain was a five-year old, twenty pound, princess.  All I can say is, “Watch out Brock Lesner!”

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6 Responses to But She Looked So Timid

  1. Georgette says:

    Whooooo! I know those kinds of girls! I have grappled two chicas in tournaments that are 20 years younger than me and easily 50% stronger (or so they feel.) LOL– your descriptions are priceless! 🙂

    • @ Georgette – I love your name! 🙂
      -About the “Beast”, her real name is Stephanie. I feel bad now for nicknaming her the “Beast”. She’s actually a very nice person. She’s very pretty as well.
      -About the descriptions, I have to make up for my lack of technical knowledge somehow. 😉 Just kidding. At any given time there is a veritable circus going on in my mind. Random thoughts and observations popping up out of no where, like a sports commentator. I guess that is from growing up in the Howard Cosell error. 🙂 Did I just date myself? Most of these people probably don’t even know who Howard Cosell is!

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