I Kidnapped a Kickboxer

Hey!  I’m finally back.  I had a respiratory illness and couldn’t train for a while.  I even missed team training and promotions.  😦

So, for my first class back, I attended the women’s Friday night BJJ class.  I arrived early because I was excited to be back training.  I warmed up and waited for someone to show up and roll with me.  I stretched and waited for someone to show up and roll with me.  I talked to the instructor, and waited for someone to show up and roll with me…  Come to find out, the girls had a Crossfit Competition Saturday.  It started to look like I wasn’t going to have a training partner.  😦

During my talk with Jeff, I mentioned that the girl in the kickboxing class seemed interested in BJJ.  I thought he might take the hint and ask her to train.  Nope.  He punted that one right back at me, “Well, why don’t you ask her to train with us tonight?  She’s very nice,  I’m sure she would tell you yes.”  :/

I wandered around the mat and put on my big girl gi pants (gumption).  Then I walked over to the kickboxers.  “Hmm, Jasmine… I’m the only girl tonight for BJJ… and I need a training partner…  Oh, I’m sorry, my name is Jodi.  All of the other girls have a Crossfit competition in the morning.  So, hmm, that means I don’t have a training partner, and I was wondering if you would be my training partner tonight?”  🙂

Picture tall Amazon Warrior (Jasmine) with dumb founded expression looking at tiny tooth fairy (me).  Insert pause in conversation.  Maybe I was speaking Swahili and didn’t know I could.  Continue pause in conversation.  Maybe I’m an alien with three heads speaking swahili… Maybe…  Wait!!!  Is that comprehension I see in her eyes…  YES!!! She does speak three-headed alien Swahili!!!

Tall Amazon Warrior said, “Sure, but I don’t know what to do.”  😉  I did resist the urge to quickly drag her across the room before she could change her mind.  I told her not to worry, and that BJJ is a natural martial art.  Jeff quickly grabbed her a gi top, and started teaching.  Then another first timer showed up.  I think having a fellow first timer helped both of them feel more comfortable.    For drills we did some basic BJJ and some self-defense moves.  After drills, Jeff introduced them to positional rolling, but not really rolling.  Jeff had the second girl start in mount and my job was to just escape.  Jeff then had the tall Amazon Warrior start in side control, and I would escape.  Afterward, Jeff and I rolled so that they could watch.

I think tall Amazon Warrior might eventually crosstrain in BJJ.  Both women seemed to really enjoy the class, as evidenced by their smiles and giggles.  I should probably kidnap more women and take them to a BJJ class.  Even if it is for just one class.  That might be the moment in their life where everything changes, and they find out who they are.

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4 Responses to I Kidnapped a Kickboxer

  1. Kirsch says:

    Ah, 1st one is always free haha. Congrats on successfully coaxing someone into giving Jiu Jitsu a shot, and gently getting them over the potential apprehension of the unknown. Keep us posted on whether they come back, particularly your new disciple…

    • @ Kirsch – Thanks for reading. I normally just “lead by example.” I show up and train hard, and other women see that. They see that I’m happy and healthy. They start thinking, “I want to be like her. I want to do that. If a single working mom can find the time and energy to do that so can I.” Even though I’ve only trained in BJJ about a year and a half, I’ve trained in standup for a long time. I’ve seen many women follow me onto the mat. They find themselves, they find confidence. They become happy with themselves, and you can see them start to glow. I find that it’s not enough in BJJ to just lead by example. Women need a little more encouragement, to get them onto the mat. Thank you for encouraging me to encourage others.

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