It’s a Sticky Situation

First things first…  My downstairs neighbor just sent me some homemade green enchiladas!!!  Authentic Mexican cooking, not store-bought or restaurant watered down Tex-Mex.

Back to BJJ.  When I’m striking, I have the ability to stay very light on my feet and settle my weight in only the fraction of a second it takes to execute a power move.  I haven’t seen my self spar in a long time, but people tell me that it doesn’t even look like my feet are touching the ground.  It’s a trait common with people who’ve been trained to be fast and agile.

Now, I keep thinking that I can do the same thing from my back in BJJ.  But I think some sneaky little green alien creeps into class and puts “Industrial Strength Velcro” on my back.  I’ll be moving good, staying light on my back so that I can move quickly, but then suddenly someone goes in for the guard pass and My back sticks to the mat!  It’s very frustrating not being able to move like I know I can.  There are times that I can stay light on my back and then sweep and transition to being heavy.  There is no consistency though.

I guess you can tell my rolling was frustrating today.  I just couldn’t stay light and move.  I also missed another triangle today.  I was working the open guard and all of a sudden I hear Chris say, “Triangle!”  I reply, “Where?”  like it’s a bird or something flying by.  *grumbles bad words at self*  Needless to say I spent a LOT of time with my back stuck to the mat in side control today.

On the positive side, Chris said that I’ve almost got a sweep in there.  I consistently get my legs in almost the right place at almost the right time.  He said that Johnny is really good at that sweep.  Sorry Johnny, I’m going to be a pest next week!

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3 Responses to It’s a Sticky Situation

  1. Megan says:

    Ooooo…I can’t STAND those hidden triangles. I’m ashamed that at a year in and with crazy long legs, I’m not a triangling machine.

    Good luck on the lightness!

    • @ Megan – I’m glad I’m not the only triangle blind person in the BJJ world!

      About the lightness, maybe I’m silly to try to apply skills that I aquired in striking to grappling. But thanks for the luck, it really does mean a lot. It’s hard to find a BJJ support system, when nobody around me understands the language, much less why I would do such a thing. You guys are my BJJ support system. Thank you so much.

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