Half of Me

I made it to class… It was a slow start, but it was a start.  I did go to a day class a few weeks ago, but I think I pushed myself too much.  I hurt pretty bad later that night.

Today I was able to do part of the warm up.  Technique was a nice sweep from deep half guard.  Jeff said that it was great for small people.  🙂  Then we did position specific sparring drills from deep half.  Toward the end I had to wimp out, because I tweaked my neck.  😦  I rested and stretched for the rest of the drill.  Then one roll with Jeff. 

I have to be honest, I was nervous about rolling.  The guys weren’t my concern, my ego was.  I was afraid I would push myself too hard and irritate my neck.  However, when I found out that I would be rolling with Jeff, I relaxed.  There were still a few moments in the beginning where I was trying to force things.  Eventually a brain cell or two started firing.  I pulled spider guard a few times.  I even got a sweep out of it and ended with knee on belly.  Things started flowing better after that.  I was able to get the sweep two more times.  Afterward, Jeff told me that it was a good strong sweep.  He assured me that he wouldn’t just rollover, without sound technique.  I have no delusions though.  I know he could squish me like a bug.  *SPLAT*  (sorry, I had to do the onomatopoeia).  Jeff is known for finishing fights in seconds, as in less than a minute.

What are the Doctors saying…  There is something wrong with me, but they don’t know what and they have to do more tests.  Apparently, I misunderstood the results of the MRI.  I do have stenosis and degenerative disc disease.  But the nerve compression is on the left not the right.  My pain is on the right.  The neuromuscular Doctor says that I have a nerve issue affecting the right index finger and the right pinky.  My grip strength in my right hand is non-existent at times.  I have to wear a wrist brace on my right for two months.  If the issue is resolved, then I have corporal tunnel.  “How does that relate to nuclear bomb that exploded in my neck?”  Yes I did ask that question, in that way.  The Dr says it doesn’t.

So, after the neck pain subsided to something manageable, I caught a head cold.  That kept me from training for two weeks.  Sorry guys, I didn’t want to share my cooties.  Then, my right eye started acting weird.  I went to the eye Doctor.  She asked me if I had been having problems with my joints.  *holds up right arm with wrist brace on it*  “Yes.”  Do you have a family history of rheumatoid disorders? “Yes, my grandmother had Sjogren’s, I also have some weird genetic anomaly called “Familial Joint Laxity”.  I think it’s some sort of connective tissue thing.”  She was very nice and talked to me for a long time.  I apparently have a lesion on my right eye that is common with people who have Sjogren’s.   She recommended that I go to my family Doctor *head – wall* and get tested. *head – wall* … more tests…  Back to the whole, “There is something wrong with you, but we don’t know what it is…)

So, bottom line, only half of my body is functioning, and it’s the half that’s not supposed to be working.  Go figure.

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2 Responses to Half of Me

  1. Jen says:

    How frustrating. I’m so sorry to hear all that you’re going through. Hope someone figures it out soon so you can start working towards getting better.

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