Sooo Outa My League

My dear friend Barbara invited me to a gathering at her house.  Barbara’s house at the Holidays means egg nog and music.  Barbara’s entire family is incredibly gifted when it comes to music.  Me, not so much, but I can drink egg nog! 😉

The plan this year was to call some elderly and ill and sing Christmas carols to them.  It was a wonderful experience.  Barbara has a degree in music with an emphasis on classical voice.  Her mother is also a talented soprano.  Two of her boys are involved in the Houston Boys’ Choir.  (like I said, outa my league)  Some of the boys’ friends were there (They’re also in the Houston Boys’ Choir).  Did I mention that I was outa my league?  It was a beautiful experience.  I have some audio recordings on my phone, but they are in the wrong format for WordPress.  I’ll have to convert it to a different format before I can post it.

Wishing everyone well during the holiday season!

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