Demons and Leaches

Made it to class today!  With the instructor’s permission, I warmed up on the rowing machine, instead of running.  My right foot still goes wonky at times, which makes me trip when I run.  I’m afraid I’ll fall and hurt something else. 

We had a good turn out for a noon class.  The Demon was there, so I had girl to train with.  But she had a Christmas hangover.  For those that don’t have kids, a Christmas hangover means they have tons of energy and absolutely no attention span!  (Watch out BJJGRRL, kids class is gonna be a mad house)

Technique was another sweep from deep half guard.  Then we did positional sparring from deep half.  I did really good the first few rounds.  Toward the end I started loosing control of my right hand and foot.  But, I didn’t give up.  I just latched on and held her tight in my half guard.  She said I was like a leach.  Only a BJJ girl would think that was a complement.  😉  I rolled the first and third round with her, and sat out the second to give my wrist and foot a break.

It’s great rolling with The Demon.  We’re pretty evenly matched.  Where she has weight, I have strength.  Then she’s got smooth technique, I’m very wirey.  We had some really good rolls.  We were laughing but training really hard.  We’re both really fast, so there were a lot of transitions.  I did get my spider guard sweep a few times.  I ended up with knee on belly every time.  However, I was so busy celebrating I would miss the armbar! 😦  I pulled butterfly guard a few times.  I think that is the guard position that I want to develop next.  I’m where I want to be with the spider guard for now.

My goals for spider guard were to prevent the guard pass and learn to sweep.  I’ve got that down pretty well.  Not butter smooth, but well enough.  I want to move onto something else, and I think butterfly guard would be a natural transition from spider.  I’m not worrying too much about submissions at this time.  I know they will come.  I just want to be able to control where the roll is.  Specifically, me not being squished!  So, new goals…  Obtain butterfly guard.  Learn to control someone in butterfly guard.  Sweep from butterfly guard.  And of course, continue preventing people from passing my guard.

I’ve been obtaining some dominate positions since I changed my approach to rolling.  Maybe I should say since I started developing an approach to rolling.  But like I said earlier, I want to focus on controlling the roll, and keeping it where I want it.  In the spring, I hope I’m well enough to compete.  The months before that I will focus on submissions.

BTW, Demon’s second roll was with “Suave” a tall lanky boy with Hapkido experience.  Yeah, I could hear him thinking, “OMG, I’m getting my butt kicked by a girl!”  I’ve got to give him credit, he seemed to have a good working knowledge of the joints and how they work.  He’s just used to doing this standing up.

Happy New Year!!

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  1. leslie says:


    (Maybe they all went out of town…? Though, probably not. Kids might be off from school, but parents are probably not off work. At least they have last night and tonight to drain the first of the energy at TKD and kickboxing, but I’ll be sure to plan on an action-packed class for Wednesday.)

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