I’m Stuck In My Shirt

I just got home from the gym, and I can’t get my shirt off.  It’s one of those snug fitting athletic shirts with the built-in bra.  I also have another sports bra on under that.  I’m super sweaty, and having no co-operation from the bum wrist/hand.  On top of that I have muscle fatigue all over.  I just can’t get it off!!!  I’m thinking when it drys, it’ll be easier.  The good thing about being stuck in your shirt is that it means I had a really good training session.  *YEAH*

Note on last week.  My wrist brace gave my instructor a black eye.  I had absolutely nothing to do with it.  The wrist brace acted on its own accord with out any influence from me.  Sorry Jeff.  😦

I worked last night, so I slept today.  When I woke up, Houston was flooding.  I threw my gym bag together, and made a mad dash to the car.  First stop, the chinese restaurant and then headed out to the Katy school.  It was early, but with the flooding… and the thirty minute drive… and the Houston traffic…  I was surprised to find my self there early.  The kids class was in full swing.  And Adam was there early too!!!

Adam Villarreal is a writer for Tapout magazine.  He also has an ESPN radio show. (pod cast here)  There is a cool interview with Randy Couture, if anybody’s interested.  Adam asked if I wanted to do a warm up roll.  *Stupid injured person say YES!* Adam and I never get to train together anymore, since I’m still mainly at the old school on Pinemont and he trains at the new school in Katy.  Add to that my crazy hospital night shift work schedule and his family/writer/radio host life.  So I forgot that he has only one speed…  I call him Speedy Gonzalez.  He has so much energy.  He would wear the kids class out.  I also neglected to tell him about my bum neck, shoulder, hand, wrist, ankle, foot, eye.  I was having so much fun, that I didn’t want to be a whiney baby.  The good thing about rolling with Adam is that he treats me just like one of the guys. 

After our roll, the adults all chipped in to monitor the kids’ roll.  It was a lot of fun.  I forgot how much I loved working with kids.  I used to coach a kids’ TKD competition team.  So, it brought back some nice memories.  Then the kids all took turns beating up on Adam. hehehe

I had problems with the warm up. 😦  Techniques were x-guard sweeps and passes.  I like the x-guard.  Maybe I should work on that instead of butterfly guard.  It seems to transition better to and from spider guard.  Then we did positional sparring from x guard.  I had a cool partner.  He’s been training for six months at another school, and was visiting our school with his brother.  He was a very good training partner, even though he probably had seventy pounds on me. 

Rolling was with one of the regular Katy school guys.  He’s always super helpful and makes sure that I get included in class.  I feel bad that I can’t remember his name.  I’m horrible with names.  I work in a trauma center so most of my patients have alpha numeric names. (Alpha1975, Bravo 1975, Charlie1975, etc.)  Any who, he did a slow roll with me and we stopped several times to work out some kinks in my game.  He’s a big guy, and I was able to do the spider guard sweep.  It’s very BJJ affirming when a 112 lb girl can lift a 200+ lb guy up and across her body and end up with knee on belly.  Of course he wasn’t resisting. He was letting me work, because of my ailments.  He also helped me work out the arm bar from knee on belly.  Miraculously my hands were in the right place.  Left hand had his right arm, and right hand had his left leg (so he couldn’t roll out). The problem I was having is that my shin is so short, that I couldn’t get my right foot under his right shoulder to lock it in place.  I had to do knee on chest so that I could reach it.  One glitch down, two hundred and fifty million to go!

ESCAPE!!! I’m outa my shirt and showered!  Clean hair and all.  Note to self, buy more conditioner.  Hair looking crazy after class…

The whine report! – This is more for me so that I can remember what to tell my doctor.

  1. Still loosing control / strength in right hand.
  2. Unable to do push ups, burpees, sprawls.
  3. Right foot going wonky and I trip myself often.
  4. Unable to pivot on right foot.
  5. Unable to do side skips in warmup.
  6. Neck and shoulder get tweaky half way through class.
  7. Vision in right eye is better, but still blurry.
  8. Both eyes get very dry and gritty.
  9. Pain level is 3 out of 10.

BTW, my spell checker tells me that I’m making up words.  Stupid spell checker doesn’t speak BJJ.

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