Armbars and Almost Triangles

     Our lead instructor, Jeff Messina, is training in Florida with Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu.  So, that means some cool classes in January.  One of the assistant instructors Mike, just had a new baby girl.  congratulations Mike.  A couple of others are also out for the holidays.  So that left poor Charles to baby sit.  He started his work day at six am, teaching Crossfit.  Twelve hours later he was teaching the advanced kids class.  Then the adults had open mat.

     I needed that.  I never get to open mat.  Charles asked if there was something that anybody wanted to work on.  I was like yeah, butterfly guard.  He reviewed a basic butterfly sweep.  I had known it at one time, but I haven’t worked butterfly in a long time, so I had forgotten.  I was partnered with a seventeen year old boy, and we drilled it like thirty times.  He had a Holiday Hangover, so he started getting bored with it.  Me, I realize that I’m old and senile.  I like to drill.  As I’ve said before, one should drill something until it becomes muscle memory.  Then when you roll you can think about strategy instead of trying to remember how to execute a technique. 

     Since I had my very own practice dummy, I worked out some transitions.  Butterfly guard, to spider guard, and then to x-guard.  I think I want to play with switching between the three.  It could be a solid foundation for a *wait for it* game plan.  Which I desperately need.  Kinatanon will be so proud.   

     I seem to be doing very well at preventing the guard pass lately.  (no aliens running around with velcro)  And I’ve even built some sweeps onto that.  I guess the next logical step would be to combine the three over the next two months.  That would be January and February.  Then I’ll add submissions in March and April.  Then test them out at a tournament.  That should be around June.

     The guys teamed up and taught me a cool triangle from spider guard.  You start in spider, and then lasso their arm with your leg.  Then you ninja roll while holding the lasso and you magically end up with a triangle.  Sweet move for nimble short people like me!!!

     Oh yeah, we rolled too.  I started out with the seventeen year old kid.  He wasn’t able to pass my guard and I got three or four arm-bars on him.  OK, I deviated from the plan to focus on preventing the guard pass and putting off submissions for later.  I just couldn’t help myself.  Second roll was with the guy from last night that helped me so much.  Since he was playing practice dummy for me… I focused on submissions.  I got a couple of rear naked chokes, an armbar, a couple of americanas and a kimora.  I did find the triangle several times tonight, I just couldn’t get my bum in the right place to finish them.  *head mat* I’m thinking I need to set aside a whole month for triangles.

     The schools are going to be closed for a couple of days.  I think I’ll use that time to do some mental training.  I’ll be working out a game plan.  If this move fails, go to that move, etc.  (hehehe)  When Mike gets back from paternity leave, I’ll have a completely different roll.

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