Game Plan 2011


Game Plan 2011 version 2.0


  1. Attend at least 3 classes a week. 
  2. Continue developing ways to prevent guard pass. 
  3. Improve transitions between guard positions.
  4. Develop sweeps to dominant positions from each guard. 
  5. Develop 2-3 submissions from each dominant position.

  Game plan 2011

  1. Options from spider guard.January
    1. Spider guard sweep to knee on belly.
    2. Triangle from spider guard.
    3. Transition from spider guard to x-guard.
  2.  Options from x-guard. February
    1. X-guard sweep opponent backward into side control.  
    2. X-guard sweep opponent forward into knee on belly. 
    3. Transition from x-guard into spider guard.   
    4. Transition from x-guard into butterfly guard.
  3. Options from butterfly guard. March
    1. Transition from butterfly guard to spider guard.
    2. Transition from butterfly guard to x-guard.  
    3. Sweep opponent from butterfly guard to mount.  
  4. Options from knee on belly. April  
    1. Transition from knee on belly to proximal arm bar.
    2. Transition from knee on belly to distal arm bar.  
    3. Transition from knee on belly to mount.
  5. Options from side control. – May 
    1. Americana choke from side control. 
    2. Ezekiel choke from side control. 
    3. Proximal arm bar from side control. 
    4. Transition from side control to mount.
  6. Options from mount. – June  
    1. Americana shoulder lock from mount.  
    2. Straight arm lock from mount.  
    3. Ezekiel choke from mount.

Comments, suggestions, and criticisms from the Peanut Gallery strongly encouraged.

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5 Responses to Game Plan 2011

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  2. slideyfoot says:

    You may already be doing this, but might be worth breaking them down further into component parts. That way, the goals become a little easier to reach.

  3. @ Slideyfoot – Hey, thanks for your input. I think you’re absolutely right about breaking it down. After I finnished the plan, I got over whelmed by the size of it. I almost removed somethings like the butterfly guard section. I’ve started a monthly task list of a few items like transition of guard positions and sweeps from said positions. I may still take the butterfly guard section out.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Kirsch says:

    Great idea to pluck out a few goals off of the main list to focus on each month.
    I think the most important bullet point in your Game Plan is your target weekly training attendance. I’ve always heard from those much better than I, that that’s the most important thing– to keep showing up.

    Great list of fundamentals to work on. Only suggestion to consider is to looking into adding moves that are linked. A common example would be sit-up sweep / guillotine.

    Looking forward to hearing how the progress goes!

    • @ Kirsch – Welcome to Game Plan 2011 version 2.0. You are absolutely right about attendance. It is the most important thing. If one doesn’t show up for class, one can’t learn. Then everything else is a moot point. I’ve edited my Game Plan 2011 to make that the first priority, instead of the last.

      About your suggestion on moves that are linked. I looked back on my list and realized that it was very disjointed. I reorganized it. Each section focuses on starting from one specific position. Sections 1, 2, and 3’s focus is on transitioning between spider guard, x-guard, and butterfly guard. I tried to work it to where one section picks up where the last section left off. I also tried to set up a little overlap between sections, to reinforce what I worked on previously. Sections 3, 4, and 5’s focus is on getting to mount with a few submissions along the way. I want to spend a lot of time working on getting to mount (3 months, because I really suck at that). Then in section 6, I want to focus on working submissions from mount.

      Now, it will be easier for me to follow the advice of Slideyfoot and BJJ GRRL. “Break it down into small component parts.” It’ll be easier to focus that way. As per BJJ GRRL’s suggestion (see comments on Little Snicker Bites), I’m setting up auto posts that will give me a new short Task List each month. She told me how to sticky the monthly list so I won’t lose it. Hopefully this will help me stay the course. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no inner compass, and frequently lose my direction.

      I want to thank you, Slideyfoot, and BJJ Grrl. You have all been very helpful in getting my thoughts organized into something understandable

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