She Devil 2.0

     It was girl’s night!  I had to drive 50 minutes to go to my sister school in Katy, Texas, but it was worth it.  There were six of us there.  Two were crossfit girls, and two newbies!  One newbie was an adult woman wearing a yellow belt.  Jeff uses the traditional five belt system for adults.  So, I guess that means she is from a different school, which is cool.  The other newbie is a wife and mother of other students.  She has FOUR boys.  I only have two.  How does she manage FOUR?  Major respect for that one.  Then there was the “She Devil” .

     We did some basic drills, which I need badly.  Bump sweep and kimora from a failed bump sweep, and americana from mount.  She Devil and I partnered up.  She has a great intensity.  She drills non-stop, like me.  While drilling, we did talk about her new sweet gi that her boyfriend bought her for Christmas.  It was dove grey with pink stitching and patches.  After drills the instructor asked us if we wanted to roll. Then looked at She Devil and I,  “I know you two wanna roll!” 

     She Devil has only been training about seven months, but she’s feisty.  We had a lot of fun and didn’t even consider changing partners.  I was able to work on my January list and part of my future lists.  I got spider guard sweep to knee on belly several times.  I attempted a few triangles from spider guard.  None of them were successful but I am finally looking for them.  When my spider guard would start to fail, I would transition to x-guard.  I got a couple of sweeps from x-guard, but I wasn’t landing right.  I’ll have to talk to Mike or Jeff and get them to fix it.  I know that I’m doing SOMETHING wrong, I just don’t know how to fix it.  Maybe what I’m trying to do is just not possible.  *note to self – ask questions*  A couple of times, I was so focused on my list that I ended up in She Devil’s mount.  Where was my head?  I did venture away from my current list and into future lists.  I took mount from knee on belly and found my self working submissions.  Then I would remind my self to focus on the task at hand.  I want to focus on my guard at this time.  I’m not planning on hitting the submissions until April.

     She Devil wants to compete in two months.  I think at the Houston Open.  She stated that she wanted to train with me as much as possible in the mean time.  I’ll have to start driving out to the Katy school more often.  Well, there is much more to say , but if I’m going to make the Saturday morning class…

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