When Worlds Collide

“When worlds collide”, that is the summation of the last three weeks of my life.  My work life got busy, which means I’ve been really tired.  My family life has been demanding.  My friends have been supportive, and my BJJ life has been neglected.  That’s OK, we all have times like these.  I read on Heavy Training, that he has had a similar situation that has interrupted his training.  Like most, my family is the most important thing to me.  So, I will put everything else on the back burner to help them succeed in life.  Work enables me to take care of them and pay for BJJ.  So, I can’t begrudge work.  After all, I do have a very cool job.  That job has allowed me to do many things that the average person cannot fathom.  Through work, I’ve been able to affect other people’s’ lives in very dramatic and positive ways.  But, I can’t knock martial arts.  The study of martial arts has also allowed me to affect the lives of others in positive ways.

My father taught me to lead by example.  I do that in martial arts.  I show other women what I can do by going to class and competing.  They watch me and think, “If she can do that, so can I.”  All I have to do is show up, and be the best me that I can be that day.  I prove, by my actions and not my mouth, that a woman can be a good martial artist.  A woman can also be a good training partner and important member of the team.  So it seems my father’s philosophy has paid off recently.  My instructor sent me a text message earlier this week.  It said that the women’s program is really growing.  In the few short months since it’s inception, there are now about twelve women training.  From what I’ve read, that is no small feat.  I also at this point would like to give BJJ GRRL props.  She will be teaching a women’s class at her school.  I have faith in her and know that this will be a great opportunity for many women.

I made it to the noon class Monday.  🙂  My brain was still two days behind me.  😦  Despite the lack of mental faculties, I trained.  I enjoyed it.  It’s good to be on the mat.  When I’m on the mat the world just seems right.  I did forget my wrist brace for my right hand.  That seemed to handicap me a bit.  I tried not to use my right hand too much.  That means my guard got passed a lot.  I did OK though.  No, who am I kidding, I was pathetic.  The guys were passing my guard on my left.  They seemed to have given up trying to pass on my right.  Which is good.  I need to work on preventing the guard pass on both sides.  They’ve also gotten wise to my spider guard sweep.  That is good too.  I need to learn to adjust myself to different situations.  There is rarely if ever going to be that perfect set up.  So despite the fact that they are getting wise, I think I need to keep working it at the higher difficulty level.  Hopefully, I will make it to class tonight and bring my brain with me.

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4 Responses to When Worlds Collide

  1. Dagney says:

    Awesome attitude! Kudos for walking the walk.

  2. Shark Girl says:

    Your words and actions have definitely been an inspriation to me. Thanks for balancing all that you do!

    • Thank you. I usually don’t feel very inspirational. 😉 I’m always forgetting this and that or having to post pone or cancel things. I’ve been a working single mom for about twenty years. A friend of mine, who was a stay at home mom asked me how I managed to get everything done. My answer… I don’t get everything done. It’s just not possible. I just try not to beat myself up over the stuff that gets kicked to the side. I also put my faith in God. I call it living on faith. If it’s meant to be done, God will help me find a way.

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