Third Coast Winter?

     Living on the third coast of the USA is a bit different from the rest of the nation.  Oh, where is the third coast?  That would be the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve always lived within an hour drive of the Gulf.  The climate is sub-tropic.  That means it’s mostly hot and rains a lot.  We have two seasons, summer which last nine months and fall which lasts three months. (most people would call this winter)  This is my opinion and most residents of the area.  I’m sure most scientist and geography teachers would beg the differ, but they don’t live here. 

Third Coast Living

  • We own jackets, not coats.  We only have to wear them, in the winter and then only early in the morning and late at night. 
  • We own light weight summer sweaters, not big bulky winter sweaters.
  • We wear shorts, not corduroy pants.
  • Some buildings don’t have heating units.  We instead invest our money in air conditioning.  (summer temps in the triple digits)
  • Our highways and bridges are designed to withstand hurricane force winds.  That means the wind flows under and around them.  This makes them ice quickly in cold weather. (which we never have)
  • Our emergency services helicopters are equipped for hot weather, not ice and snow. (they are grounded these conditions)
  • Our emergency management budget focuses on flooding and hurricanes not ice and snow.  (we don’t have snow plows and what ever to deal with ice and snow on roads)
  • Stores don’t sell snow shovels, snow tires, snow machines, and anything else that has snow in the title.
  • Think bikinis, beaches, and boats.

     So, the past week of freezing temperatures and ice have really put a wrench in our works.  The Pinemont school doesn’t have heaters, so classes were moved to the Katy school which is thirty plus miles away from me.  Too far for my busy schedule this week.  Due to road closures and ice the day shift couldn’t get to work Friday morning.  That means I got stuck at work three extra hours.  That meant my twelve to thirteen hour shift turned into sixteen.  On the way home I got stuck on the Pearce elevated highway for two hours.  NO BATHROOM!  Thankfully I’m one of the few southerners who keeps a blanket in the car during winter. 

     I met this very nice couple from Moscow.  We used the queen sized blanket to make a “bathroom” of sorts for the women in need of one.  There were strangers jumping out of their cars to get in line.  I also practiced my Russian.  I know two words, Hello and Thank you.  They also taught me to say I need to pee in Russian, but I forgot it.  When I finally got home, I showered and jumped in bed.  I was so exhausted that I slept the rest of the day and night.

     Bottom line.  I haven’t been able to train this week.  Lately it feels like the world is plotting against my training.  I used to get very frustrated when things like this would happen.  Now that I’m older, I realize that martial arts will always be there.  Martial arts is a passion.  One that I don’t want to taint with feelings of frustration and anger.

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