Rabid Tooth Fairy Anyone?

     We had a small class today.  There was the instructor and myself.  I used that time to ask all those silly questions.  You know the ones.  Everybody has them.  They are the questions you wouldn’t ask in front of other students.  It’s like you know the answers are so obvious, but you can’t quite figure it out.  I guess you could call today’s class a lab.  A fix Jodi’s roll lab.  It was like that technique is off, so let’s put a little duct tape here.  That technique is completely broken, so let’s put a lot of duct tape there. 😉

     The first topic was x-guard sweeps.  I’ve had a bit of trouble with them.  Mike helped me with foot placement and some other minor details.  We then started rolling.  I got a butterfly guard sweep, or rather Mike let me butterfly guard sweep him.  He found lots of holes in my roll.  Everytime he found a hole, he would stop and duct tape it back together.  So to speak.  There were many places needing duct tape!  Over all though, he said I was moving a lot better.  Many times during rolling, he would give positive affirmations of my thought process.  I guess over all I’ve started moving with purpose and intent. (think calm and poised)  Which is much better than flailing about blindly trying to survive.  (think rabid tooth fairy fighting Goliath)  So now that I’m covered in duct tape…

     What words would you use to describe your worst roll?

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5 Responses to Rabid Tooth Fairy Anyone?

  1. SavageKitsune says:

    I like Georgette’s term: “Crappling”. 😉

  2. Describe my worst roll:

    I’ve had two:

    one, everything just made me mad and frustrated. My headspace was weird and everything was pissing me off, including myself. THAT was my worst roll.

    The other, the guy went heavy and felt like he weighed 400 lbs. He got pressure on top and I just laid there gasping and laughing. He got confused by me, then started joking around with me, doing Superman poses on top of me while I just laid there gasping and laughing.

    So that was my worst roll because I couldn’t do anything and I kept cracking up.

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