OK, I Screwed Up

I accidentally posted a half finished article.  I figured for Valentine’s Day that I would write about the heart.  Half way through, I had an emergency and instead of hitting the save draft button, I hit the publish button.  So to get the full effect go to The Heart of an athlete.

Oh, while we’re talking about screw ups…  What’s your funniest screw up?

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2 Responses to OK, I Screwed Up

  1. Stephanie says:

    Maybe not my funniest screw up, but yesterday I posted a blog in the wrong blog. Nice to know I am nerdy enough to have several blogs, and absent minded enough to post one in the wrong blog.

    Oh well, we are only human after all! =)

    • Stephanie… How many blogs do you have? How many does it take to be classified as nerdy? 😉 I’m very absentminded, and am always getting things mixed up. It must be genetic, because my boys are the same way. A common phrase in my house is, “Oh yeah, right.” That’s absentminded boy speak for, “I screwed up and I’m sorry. You’re going to forgive me right? After all I am so cute and sweet.”

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