Stupid Girl Hormones

     Noon class was actually an open mat today.  There were just two of us, a blue belt and me.  We rolled to warm up, then he wanted to drill a sweet transition.  You start with a flower sweep from closed guard and finnish with an armbar.  Nice.  Then we rolled again.

     Rolling was good.  I got some sweeps and got swept some.  He gave me room and time to get my first ankle lock.  Thanks 😉 .  And um I got tapped with things that I didn’t see coming.  He’s getting sneaky like that.  There was this one point where I said, “You just had a sweep, why didn’t you take it?”  His response was, “I still do.” *SWEEP*  I was laughing at myself before my bum hit the mat.  I must be the only person who would question why someone wasn’t attacking me, and then laugh when they do…

     Sometimes I wonder if the guys are rolling too nice with me.  Then other times I’m thankful that they are rolling so nice with me. (stupid girl hormones)  We were talking about how the day classes have been my “comfort zone”.  I prefer to train with the day class guys because I know them and trust them.  Sometimes I’m wary of rolling with the other guys at night, especially the new white belts.  No body has given me a reason to be concerned.  I’m just silly that way some times. (again, stupid girl hormones)  Don’t get me wrong, I still need the easy rolls sometimes.  However, I do realize that it’s time for me to put on my big girl gi pants.  Suck it up, and start rolling with the spazzy white belts more.  I suppose that means I’ll need to check the stupid girl hormones at the door.

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5 Responses to Stupid Girl Hormones

  1. Georgette says:

    I’m not going to let you blame that on hormones. I think it’s probably a reasoned, thoughtful reaction to potential damage or injury 🙂 Go with your instincts. As you are improving you’re feeling like your comfort zone is expanding, which is awesome. Just keep on pushing your limits (and don’t ever let anyone blame hesitance on hormones. It’s smart to protect yourself.)


  2. leslie says:

    Lol, I’m with Georgette: not hormones. Maybe “girl brains” 😛

    Mine thinks like that, too. I also prefer to roll with guys I trust, and that just usually happens to coincide with belt colors. (Although, there are a few blues and a purple who I do not roll with. I avoid them more strenuously than I do the unknown white belts. Why? Because they know better, and they roll like jerks anyway.) I get injuries even with the guys I trust; I surely don’t want to increase my chances of injuries by rolling with an uncontrolled partner. But, often, as spazzy white belt boys get closer to their blue — which means, of course, that they’re losing that spazziness — I can trust them more and so will roll with them.

    I also don’t think that avoiding white belts is a sign of wanting “easy” rolls, unless all colored belts are in fact going easy on you, and if so, you should ask those guys to turn up the intensity with you. Not easy, but safe. There’s a difference.

    And, too, I’ve got the eternal loop of “Argh, he’s going easy on me! Does this mean I suck?” vs. “He’s smashing the snot out of me! Does this mean I suck?” running through my head. Gah, girl brains!

    • I’m exactly there. I’m afraid that the guys are going too easy on me, because I suck. Then I’m getting my butt handed to me and I still feel like I suck. Then there’s the “be careful what you wish for” scenario. What if I ask for more and can’t handle it? I like it when I get difficult rolls mixed in with lighter ones. My instructor Mike is good about varying the intensity.

  3. Georgette says:

    TOTALLY!!!! Girl brains it is… because I tell you, nothing like going to a tournament and getting the f smashed out of you to let you know that someone back home is taking it easy on you. And then just like Leslie says– is he doing it because I suck? sheesh…. my brain runs in circles like a rat in a trap on that one! 🙂

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