Brain Freeze

     I’ve been slacking on my number one priority this year.  Attend three classes a week.  To rectify that, I drove out to the Katy school to catch the noon class.  We drilled arm drags, take the back and then rear naked choke. 

     My partner was very helpful and made sure I did everything right and even gave me some tips on different variations.  However,  he would not drill on me.  I remember working with him before, and I don’t think he did that.  At first I thought it might be his culture.  He did say that I was too “fragile”.  (He doesn’t know me very well) 🙂  When the instructor, Jeff walked by to check on us I said, “He thinks I’m fragile,” and pointed to my partner.  Jeff laughed and said, “You’ve never rolled with her!”  There have been instances while rolling that a guy will get a rear naked choke on me and not sink it in.  They will let go and allow me to roll out.  So, I think it’s just the, “I would feel like a miscreant low life douche bag if I did that to a woman” thing.  I tried to explain to him, that I needed to know what it feels like, so that I can defend it.  But he insisted on being a gentleman.  Oh, well.

     I promised myself yesterday that I would get out of my comfort zone and roll with more white belts.  I don’t have a problem rolling with anyone,  but if I have a choice, I’m grabbing a purple or blue belt.  So for the first roll I walked up to the first white belt I could find.  I mean there wasn’t even any sweat stains on his belt, much less stripes.  As soon as the Jeff said go, I went to reach for his right sleeve.  He did a right arm drag at the same time.  I could feel muscle instead of technique.  Immediately my brain froze.  After that it was almost like “Squish, Tap, and Repeat”, all over again.  It wasn’t the same “Oh crap I’m stuck under this guy panic,” as before.  But I didn’t defend or attack much.  I just went into protection mode.  It’s OK.  I’m OK.  Deep down, I know these guys aren’t going to hurt me.  I just have to work through that little mental block.  I know that I possess the technical skill and mental strength to do well against the he man guys.  Technical skill and mental strength just don’t show up to class on the same day.  Oh well, practice, train, reprogram.  Practice, train, reprogram.  I’ll have to add “Brain Freeze” to the list of things to overcome.

     For my second roll, I chose a purple belt, and not the guy with the shiny new purple belt.  I chose the guy with the faded and tattered purple belt.  He was closer to my size too.  It was like rolling with one of my regular training partners from the Pinemont school.  Whew.  He gave me plenty of room to work and try things out.  I was able to do the spider guard sweep, the forward x-guard sweep, and the backward x-guard sweep.  And I got the ankle lock sweep!  Bonus!  Of course the purple was like, “Your right hand is too high on my ankle.”  *oops*   Then he proceeded to lean forward and point to where my hand needed to be, and talked me through the submission.  These guys are really good training partners.

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2 Responses to Brain Freeze

  1. Allie says:

    Haha, I have a blue belt friend who told me that he wouldn’t do an rnc on me because it felt too “rapey”. I told him to suck it and try it the next time we rolled. He did. I tapped. LOL.

    And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the brain freeze thing. As soon as I feel a guy using a lot of muscle, my whole body gets tense and I go into defense mode and want to hold whatever position I am in. Fabio, my instructor, keeps telling me that this is sealing my fate, so to speak. If I want to have any chance against these guys, I have to stay relaxed and move. But it is very intimidating and hard to do!!

    Sounds like you have a lot of great guys to train with. 🙂

    • Allie – That’s exactly what I did. I just locked him down in that position as best I could, to keep him from being able to do anything else. Thank goodness he doesn’t know much! 😉 I really do train with a lot of great people. Thanks.

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