February Goals Review

     I wanted to review my progress for February.  I really crashed on my top priority, attend at least three classes a week.  There were a lot of unexpected family obligations that came up.  It couldn’t be helped.  That’s OK.  I’m not doing this to beat myself up.  I just want to evaluate what I did and didn’t do so that I can plan for March.  So here goes:


  1. Attend at least 3 classes a week.  – I really did bad on this one.  I will look at my schedule and make the extra effort to drive to the Katy school, if needed.
  2. Continue developing ways to prevent guard pass.  – Even though I wasn’t able to train as much as I wanted I did improve my guard passing strategy.
  3. Improve transitions between guard positions.  – I’m getting a little smoother on my transitions.  There is still the occaisional misplaced foot when I transition into x-guard.  I probably need to drill that on some poor unsuspecting soul… (who can I torture this month? )

Options From X-Guard

  1. X-guard sweep opponent backward into side control.  – I’m doing alright here.  I’m getting the foot placement and the technique of the sweep.  The problem I’m having is moving into side control at the end.  Once they are down, I have to quickly move between their legs.  I’m getting hung up on their legs.  I will have to ask Jeff what I’m doing wrong.  I may just need more practice.  One of the purple belts I was rolling with was trying to help me.  He would actually pull me through his legs.  It was cute and sweet that he was trying so hard to help me pass his guard and put him in side control.  I do appreciate it.
  2. X-guard sweep opponent forward into knee on belly.   – I can get the set up for this one, too.  There are moments where I have a dialogue in my head.  It says, “Right foot goes here.  Left foot goes…  oh, there.  Now push their legs apart.  Quickly pull their right arm down.  Oh, crap!  They posted with their left hand!”  Why do men have to have two hands?  It just complicates my sweeps.  I’ll have to ask Jeff about that one as well.  It may just be a low percentage sweep.  I doubt it though.  I have no delusions about my BJJ skills.  There is a reason I wear a white belt.  The skills are not there, yet.
  3. Transition from x-guard into spider guard.   – I’m getting a lot smoother with this.  There are times that I get hung up on gi parts or body parts.  It’s just going to take some practice. 
  4. Transition from x-guard into butterfly guard.  –  This is the one that I was most worried about, but it is right there.  When I switch from spider guard to x-guard, the guys will squat down.  They are trying to avoid being in my x-guard.  So I switch to butterfly guard.  It’s there, and I’m getting it.  I just don’t know what to do with it yet.  But that task is for March anyway.

     Bonus points – I found a new sweep!  When I’m in spider guard, I can swing my upper body around to their left leg and set up an ankle lock.  Then I wrap my legs around their left leg and push them over into the ankle lock submission.  Actually that is two bonuses, ankle lock sweep and ankle lock submission.  Sometimes when I go to mount, the guys will turn a little too far to shrimp out and I can take their back and get a rear naked chokeOther times I’m taking their right arm and putting it across their body, then slide around.  The problem with this is that their body isn’t turned enough for me to get the rear naked choke.  I can only get my left arm around their neck and grab their collar.  Two purple belts have instructed me to do a bow and arrow choke from this position.  I think they are trying to tell me something.  I have a setup for a bow and arrow choke( Yeah, they’re shaking their heads right about now.)

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