Squishing is Not an Option

     I made it to class last night!  We did some drilling, and escape from half guard.  Which, I need to drill as much as I can.  I asked my instructor about Andre Galvao’s book “Drill to Win”.  He said that it would be good for me.  One of the guys just happened to have a copy in his car.  He was nice and let me look at it.  I think it would be a good investment for me at this time.  I want something that I can work on at home.  There are a bit of partner drills.  I’ll have to convince my son that it would be a good for him to be my drilling partner.  (Maybe I could just bribe him…)  Another book I’m looking at is Jiu-Jitsu University by Saul Ribeiro.  Both books come very highly recommended.  It’s time I started building a BJJ library.

Rolling and the game plan development

     I rolled with a blue belt that I’ve never rolled with before.  He started out slow and easy.  Then I swept him twice…  No he didn’t go Captain Cave Man on me.  He carefully adjusted his intensity to match mine.  Which is what I think I need.  However, there were no more sweeps after that.  I was thinking about exit strategies though.  It was like, “Oh crap, this position is lost.  How do I get out of this without getting caught?  OK, I can do this or that.”  And I was able to exit a scramble or stalemate without getting squished.  Squishing is not an option.

     Transitions… My transitions from one guard position to another are getting smoother.  I’m learning to know when a position is lost and I then quickly move to another.

     Butterfly guard…  I’m finding it.  Right now that is my focus.  Find butterfly guard and transition out of it smoothly.  I think I should work on that for two weeks.  By then, I should understand the physics / leverage options of the position.  (Starbucks plays really weird music)  Then I will start developing sweeps from that position. 

     X-guard sweeps…  They are not on my task list for March.  What the monthly task list is for, is to introduce new techniques every month.  So, I’m still working on the old stuff and trying to perfect it.  I’m having on and off success with the x-guard sweeps.  I talked to Jeff about it last night.  With the backward x-guard sweep, I had my right hand too high on my opponent’s leg and my head wasn’t close to their foot.  Also, instead of going through my opponent’s legs, I should go around them.  I still end up in side control, and there is no chance of getting caught in an armbar or triangle.  That was one of my hangups.  I hesitated passing through my opponent’s legs because I was afraid of getting arm bared or triangled.  Now, with the forward x-guard sweep.  It just doesn’t work on the big guys.  My legs aren’t long enough to push their legs far enough apart to compromise their balance.  Also, it puts me in a position where all they have to do is squat down and they will squish me.  Squishing is not an option.

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7 Responses to Squishing is Not an Option

  1. i have jiu jitsu university by s. ribiero GET IT IMMEDIATELY. It’s broken down so easily and the pictures of the techniques are great because it’s covered from so many different angles so if you’re wondering “hey where’s that foot/arm/grip” he lists it out. the book is also divided into belts and like the big headed white belt i am i ventured into the more advance parts of the book and it wasn’t anything that was too over my head, it’s just that i’m not at the level to where those moves, motions, or ideas would pop into my head..it’s all about the basics i suppose. Another good book i’ve come across is wrestling for fighters (i think that’s right) by randy couture, it has takedowns for days
    –after months of sparring i finally got a butterfly sweep on a partner and i was so excited as soon as he landed i yelped…yes ‘yelped’ “I did it!!” haha it’s all about the little victories

    • Thanks, I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend. Book shopping. I know there are some concepts that I’m missing. I just need a reference for those what am I not doing situations. I’ll check out the Randy Course book. I suck at take downs.

  2. Allie says:

    I have never read any BJJ books. Maybe the reason why I hesitate is because I am such a visual learner. I worry that I would have trouble picturing what they are talking about, even with the still photos. I’d love to hear if you find reading bjj books to be helpful. 🙂

  3. Georgette says:

    My first vote goes for Saulo’s JJ Uni.

    But 2nd-4th votes go for the 3-volume series on the guard, by Joe Moreira and Ed Beneville… available on amazon.com. OMFG (sorry for the F letter but it’s really that good..)




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