For the Kids

     Georgette is working on something.  It’s called “The Moldova Program”.  Moldova is a small country in eastern Europe.  I’ve read that it is also the poorest country in Europe.  The kids there seem to love BJJ.  Trouble is, they don’t have uniforms or a permanent BJJ instructor.  Anyway, here is a link to Georgette’s post.  Read it.  Maybe you can put some ideas on the table.

     Good Luck Georgette!!!

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4 Responses to For the Kids

  1. Georgette says:

    Thanks girl… I appreciate it! I hope we can put something together to help!

  2. It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Having worked in that part of Europe (Ukraine) I know that there is so much corruption. Often volunteers would collect materials for groups that SEEMED to be excited and active and the materials would SIT and COLLECT DUST because the people just wanted to HAVE it and wouldn’t actually do anything with it. Sometimes it became almost a competition as to who HAD the best stuff, but no one cared if it was used. Sometimes computers that were meant for kids would end up in the principal’s office or somehow the children were never allowed access to it.

    I wrote more about it on Georgette’s blog post, but definitely, wait for SOMETHING to be in place before collecting stuff. Often these places flat out don’t have the infrastructure to support what happens AFTER the donations. It will be interesting to see what happens, and I definitely am glad you mentioned that this is the IDEAS time.


  3. I think most people want to nurture a love for BJJ in that region. But to create something like that takes a lot of time and energy. I don’t feel like it could be a one time deal. I think it would have to be a progressive on going process. Someone would have to do as you said, and investigate the regional resources, such as the peace corps. Some people would also have to put some boots on the ground, too. I think some sort of legal charitable organization should be formed as well. By having an official charitable organization, people would be more willing to help and get involved. It may also offer some sort of “security” for the people who travel there to teach BJJ. Bottom line, people would have to travel there at least once a year to hold a one week BJJ clinic. Also to “shore up” the infrastructure, so to speak. That way maybe it would develop into it’s own entity eventually. I’m willing to help and travel, but I don’t want to travel that region alone. I also don’t have enough experience to teach BJJ. I’m glad that your involved in the “idea” phase. 😉

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