Grandma Said…

Grandma said, “If you can’t find something nice to say, it’s best to say nothing at all.”  There are a lot of nice things that I could say, but I’m focused on the frustrating things right now.  I need to sort things out in my head.  Then I will be nice.  Maybe? 

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3 Responses to Grandma Said…

  1. You don’t have to be nice as long as you use pseudonyms for the people who are being poopieheads. 😉

    I am often not nice on my training blog. It lets me get that crap out so that I can try to move beyond it and be nice to people’s faces on the mat. That is one of the purposes of blogs like this, IMHO.

    • Poopieheads!!! I really like that! I’ll send you an email later in the week. Some people from the school read my blog. They would know who I’m talking about. I wouldn’t want to “tarnished” someone’s reputation just because I have “compatability” issues with them. It’s really the first time I’ve had that, “I really don’t want to train with them” feeling. I think the feeling is mutual. Otherwise, they are very nice. We are just not compatible training partners.

    • Thanks, I took your advice and put it all out there. I titled the post poopieheads, in your honor. I feel better already.

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