An Ever-Changing Kaleidoscope

     I was traveling the blogshere and found a post by John Will, in Australia.  It’s called “The Fluid Game”.  The discussion of the post circles around the game development of a BJJ practitioner.  We’ve all watched a BJJ Black Belt move.  They flow from one position / technique to another like water. 

     I’m a striker, but I’ve fallen in love with BJJ.  I remember that moment when BJJ clicked and I became enamoured with it.  When my sons lived at home they would watch MMA bouts.  I’m a striker, so I would lose interest when the fights would go to the ground.  I would actually get up and leave the room to go read or wash dishes.  Then I saw Miquel Torres roll.  I was fascinated by the beauty of it.  How he flowed from one position to another. I was mesmerized like one gets when they watch a stream meander around pebbles.  For the first time, I saw the beauty, grace, and purpose of BJJ.

       People tell me that my standup is beautiful, that it looks almost like I’m dancing.  The reason this is so, is that I worked really hard on flow.  I developed a “game plan”.  Much like a chess player, I developed strategies that flow off of one another.  My sparring is a continuous flow of complexity.  An ever-changing kaleidoscope of technique.  I want that in my grappling as well.  I want it to flow gracefully like a stream around little pebbles.  So, I need to refocus on my “game plan” developement.  Stay focused on that. 

     Thank you John Will.

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