Straight Jacket Triangle

     Judo Brian taught last Thursday night.  I enjoy his classes.  They are a blend of Judo and Jiu Jitsu.  He not only teaches amazing techniques;  he teaches the science behind them.  He’s also very good about helping me adjust the techniques for my body type.  Another plus, he’s always happy!

     The techniques of the night started with attacking the turtle position.  First you engaged their turtle in a north / south position.  Then roll them over into a triangle.  If the triangle fails, you transition to side control.  Then you attack the far arm with a kimura.  If the kimura fails, you transition back into the triangle.  One of the things  I liked about the class was that Brian taught us how to connect techniques.  Another thing I liked was that he taught us little tricks here and there.  There was this one sweet trick.  He uses his opponent’s gi to control their free hand while they’re stuck in his triangle.  When you’re on the receiving end, it feels like you’re in a straight jacket.  You can’t move either arm, it sucks!

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