Badass Status Achieved?

     In the nature of my life, I tend to go on, no matter what and assess later.  So I woke up today and assessed the previous day. 

  • 12:00 I went to BJJ.
  • 13:00 I hurt my shoulder.
  • 13:30 I finished class.
  • 14:00 I walked into the first Dr’s office I could find.  A Chiropractor.
  • 14:30  She “realigned” my bones.
  • 19:00  I got a call from work.  I was supposed to be at work.  Oops
  • 19:44  I got to work and worked twelve hours with a bum right arm.
  • 09:30 Tuesday morning, I get a shower and go to bed.
  • 15:00  I wake up and realize:

     I dislocated my shoulder.  finished BJJ class.  Had it reset without medication.  Then went to work, and worked twelve hours.  WTF was I thinking?  I wasn’t obviously.  So, my question to myself, did I just achieve badass status or am I just crazy?

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9 Responses to Badass Status Achieved?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Indeed. Bad ass status achieved. lol

  2. Georgette says:

    Verdict: badass. 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    I’ll vote for badass… although I’ve done similar things and think I might just be crazy.

    I was americana’d in class and my elbow hurt so I iced it then went to bed. Worked the next day, came home washed my face and when I threw out the cotton pad my elbow popped back into place. Instant relief. That’s when I realized my elbow had been dislocated. Over 20 hours later.

    • Laura, OMG! 20 hours later. That had to hurt. It does feel so much better when it goes back in place. That’s the kind of stuff I do. I hurt myself and don’t realize it until way later. Then if I tell someone about it, they look at me like I’m crazy. 😉

      • Laura says:

        It hurt, but not bad enough to do anything about it. Wanna hear the crazier part? I competed 2 days later. Nuts.

        I get the ‘you’re crazy’ look too, so I just don’t tell.

      • Laura – That is badass! I usually don’t tell either. If I’m really hurt and they notice I’ll give them the less shocking version.

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