Just Roll With It

     I know what I did wrong.  I tried to resist the inevitable.  I could feel my partner setup for the sweep, yet I still tried to pass his guard.  I knew it was coming.  I’ve gotten caught by it numerous times.  It’s kind of his trade mark move.  It’s beautiful and effortless.  He takes your forward momentum and uses it against you.  I could have backed off, but it was probably too late for that.  I should have just rolled with it.  I tried to regain a position that I had already lost.

     I used to be on a karate demonstration team.  One of the first things I learned was to just roll with it.  If someone was doing a throw or take down on you, you just relax all of your muscles and roll with it.  That way, you don’t get hurt.  I also learned that is true in life too.  When all Hades breaks loose in your life.  Don’t stress out, just relax and roll with it.  Don’t curl up in a ball and cry.  Think, what are my options now.  Don’t stall out and become ineffective.  Don’t struggle to regain a position that is lost.  Move on to the next position.

     That is where I went wrong.  I struggled to regain a position that I had lost and the result was that I got hurt.  I dislocated my shoulder.  Like I said, my training partner has used that sweep on me numerous times.  He wasn’t being aggressive or rough.  It is a smooth effortless sweep.  The fact that I tried to resist it and push through is what increased the force.  That increased force that I created was what dislocated my shoulder.  That and the fact that I have Familial Loose Joint Syndrome.

     Familial Loose Joint Syndrome is a double-edged sword.  If I don’t train, my muscles become weak and I dislocate joints more frequently.  When I do train, I’m at an increased risk of injuries due to my genetics.  So, either way I’m going to dislocate joints and be in pain.  If I’m going to be in pain, I want it to be because I was fighting.  Not because I was sitting on my laurels watching reality TV.  So, I’m going to reassess my goals.  I’ll modify them to accommodate my injury and recovery.  I’m not gonna throw my hands in the air and say forget it.  I’m going to just roll with it, figuratively and literally.

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