March Goals Review

     There were seven items that I wanted to focus on in March.  I’m fairly satisfied with the things that I achieved.  Then there are those OCD moments when I critic myself too much.  Overall, I think I did well considering all the upheaval in my family life.

  1. Attend at least 3 classes a week. (I was able to average 2.5 classes a week.)
  2. Continue developing ways to prevent guard pass. (I was incorporating some new techniques, so my guard got passed a little more this month.)
  3. Improve transitions between guard positions. (I did really good here.)
  4. Develop sweeps to dominant positions from each guard. (I’m satisfied with this area for now.)
  5. Transition from butterfly guard to spider guard. (Done and getting smoother.)
  6. Transition from butterfly guard to x-guard.  (Also done and getting smoother.)
  7. Sweep opponent from butterfly guard to mount.  (I have developed two butterfly guard sweeps.  I’m able to use them on the female white belts, but not the male blue belts.)
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