The One Arm Bandit vs Judo

     The One Arm Bandit vs Judo…  Well, that just didn’t happen.  Wednesday night, somehow, I rolled over onto my recently dislocated and reset right shoulder and slept that way for an hour or so.  Needless to say, when I woke up Thursday morning, my right shoulder wasn’t quite where it was supposed to be.  It wasn’t totally dislocated like on Monday.  But it wasn’t warm and fuzzy either.  It took me all morning to get it to slip back into place.  Common sense seeped into my conscience Thursday afternoon.  I elected to take on dinner at a Mexican restaurant with a friend instead of Judo.    

     I wish I could speed the healing process up.  I was really looking forward to Judo class.  Now that I think about it…  What the heck did I think I was going to do in Judo anyway?  I keep telling myself, be patient.  This will pass, but I just got the use of my right hand back from the degenerative disk disease / pinched nerve.  I’m frustrated and angry and I just want to hit something.  The problem with hitting something…  It would most likely dislocate my shoulder AGAIN!

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4 Responses to The One Arm Bandit vs Judo

  1. Laura says:

    Okay, so I was going to leave this message on an earlier post but didn’t…

    From one ‘badass’ idiot to another, relax. Take it easy. Take time to heal.

    This is tough, I get it.

    I am sorry you are having to wait. Feel free to tell me right back that I need to rest; I do…

    This is one of the hardest parts of training for me and it sounds like you are having a similar problem.


  2. Georgette says:

    Try Somatomax. OTC nutritional supplement, available on Amazon… makes you sleep solid and produce more HGH. Speeds up the healing process really well. Couple guys at my academy avoided surgeries by using this. 🙂

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