Fly Paper

     I’ve been grounded so to speak.  I had full intentions of continuing to train while my shoulder healed.  Stupid train of thought I know, but I’m stubborn that way.  However, nature or God had different plans for me.  I developed a respiratory infection.   I refuse to compromise my training partners’ health, so I haven’t trained lately.

     Promotions were pasted out last Saturday.  It was a depressing reminder of all the aliments that I’ve suffered through the past nine months. Because of which, I’ve missed a lot of class.  Not that I care if I get a blue belt.  I just want to train.  It’s just a reminder of how I haven’t been able to train and progress this year.  So, I feel like a fly that’s stuck in fly paper.  desperately trying to fly, yet unable to achieve lift off.

    Here’s a video of a talented young guitarist from the United Kingdom.  His name is Elliott Morris and the song is called “It’s A Matter of Time”.

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