Bucket List

     I realized last night that I had lived half of my life, and it has been pretty exciting so far.  🙂  I can’t even begin to list the things I’ve done. (It might would get me in trouble.)  So I was thinking…  Me thinking is never a good thing…  But any who, how do I top the last forty-three years?  I’ve traveled to an exotic country, I’ve lived in the middle of no where, and I’ve lived in a major US city.  I rescued a baby from a burning car, and a battered woman and her children from an abusive husband.  I’ve met pop stars and movie stars, politicians and Fortune 500 businessmen.  I’ve dodged bullets and other life ending extracurricular activities.  I’ve also… Oh, yeah, I can’t talk about that…  It would get me into trouble…  So, I’ve decided to make a Bucket List to keep me focused for the next forty-three years.

  1. Aimlessly wander the world living out of a backpack and training in any martial arts school that will let me through the door.

HMMM, I guess that about covers it.

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