April Goals Review

     Well, between the dislocated shoulder, the respiratory infection, and life, I didn’t accomplish anything on my April Goals List.  However, I did accomplish a few other things:

  1. Caught up on my sleep.
  2. Watched a lot of TV.
  3. Bought a new pair of Michael Kors black peep toe pumps 😉
  4. Bought a sexy red dress.
  5. Went shopping at Victoria Secret TWICE.
  6. Wore makeup on my days off.
  7. Ate my weight in Marble Slab Creamery double dark chocolate ice cream with a brownie and walnuts in a chocolate dipped waffle cone bowl.
  8. My boobs grew a half cup size from all the ice cream and lack of exercise (I won’t mention the other parts of me that grew.)

     All in all, I can’t really complain.  I just need to get off my bum in May and work off all of that ice cream so that I can fit into that sexy red dress.

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2 Responses to April Goals Review

  1. I hear you on the getting caught up with sleep. Last night I FINALLY got a full night of restful sleep. Before that: jet lag, thunderstorms, and stuffy nose, oh my!

    I’m jealous you fit into Victoria’s Secret. My bras all look military issue. Birth control bras. In my size they go for purely functional. Sigh.

    Om nom nom brownies and ice cream. I definitely prefer vanilla with the brownie, as brownie & choco ice cream taste too rich for me. mmmmmm om nom nom.

    • Hey Jiu-Jiu! I’ve been following your trip and loving it! I also love the pics and your new smokin’ hot bod. You look great, all of that hard work is paying off. Keep it up.

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