Evil Little Sister Mode

     I grew up the only girl in three generations on my father’s side of the family and the only girl in my generation on my mother’s side of the family.  Translation, as a girl I was drastically out numbered.  I’ve also always been very small.  So in the battle of sibling rivalries I had to learn to be sneaky and devious.  I learned to achieve retribution through indirect methods.  As time went on, retribution was no longer a criteria for my evil devious ways.  If I saw an opportunity to complicate my brothers’ lives, I took it.  Fast forward thirty years…

     I was in Judo and the instructor Bryan, was using one of the blue belts as a “demonstration dummy”.  He was demonstrating how to attack the turtle position and finish with a choke.  Now Bryan gives excellent and detailed instruction.  Mean while, the poor blue belt was suffering silently in the, not so pleasant rear naked choke of a 3rd Degree Judoka Black Belt.  When Bryan would finish with the detailed instruction, he would ask, “Does anybody need to see it again?”

     Now, I had seen these techniques before and understood the mechanics of them fairly well.  However… for some strange reason I was transported back thirty years and into “Evil Little Sister Mode”.  I guess it’s because the guys I train with are like my brothers.  Anyway, for some strange reason, I was compelled to play stupid.  (I can play stupid very well.)  Every time Bryan would say, “Does anybody need to see it again?”  I would always say, “Yes.”  Even the time or two that he forgot to ask, I would pipe up and say, “Can I see that one more time?”

     Now the blue belt “demonstration dummy” has a little sister.  I’m pretty sure he has been the target of the “Evil Little Sister Mode”.  In fact, I know he has, because toward the end of class he gave me “The Look”.  I recognized “The Look”.  It’s the dawning of realization that says, “You did that crap on purpose just to torment me.”  And I smiled that sweet evil little sister smile that says, “Yeah, I got you good that time and you can’t prove it.”  😉

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4 Responses to Evil Little Sister Mode

  1. SavageKitsune says:

    Part of the peril of this- at least in my school- is that the teacher may respond with, “C’mere, you’ll understand this technique better after you FEEL it.”

    • OMG!!!- Thanks for the warning. LOL… That sounds like something my old Karate instructor would have done. He used to love to find ways to torture me, in a loving brotherly sort of way.

  2. Shark Girl says:

    I am the youngest of four . . . two older brothers. I know exactly what you mean! However, I would call it Survival Sister. That deviousness is essential for survival! I’m sure that’s part of what makes you a good martial artist. I grew up fighting with boys much bigger than I am. That’s got to be part of why I’m not so intimidated by bjj!

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