Look! Two Hands!

     Last week I was desperately trying to work my spider guard, when my training partner said, “Jodi, use BOTH hands.”  I have fought one-armed for most of the past year.  It’s been so long that I forgot that I can use both hands now.  One injury or ailment after another, has made it difficult if not impossible to use my right arm when sparring.  There was the dislocated shoulder.  Before that, I suffered from complications and a pinched nerve due degenerative cervical disc disease.  Before that, I had a painful rib fracture in my upper right back.  I’ve continued to train as best I could, when I could.  I worked on preventing the guard pass and a strange left-handed spider guard.  My conditioning has suffered as well as my strength. I no longer have the guns that the guys at work admired.  I no longer have that six-pack that women envy.  However, I do have some weird sense of accomplishment.

     I had to miss a lot of class, but I didn’t quit BJJ.  I couldn’t use part of my body, but I didn’t quit BJJ.  There were times that I couldn barely do the warm up, but I didn’t quit BJJ.  There were days that I could barely walk, but I didn’t quit BJJ.  Even though I suffered a lot of physical and emotional pain, quitting BJJ was not an option.  I think that is a big accomplishment.  If I did all of that with only one arm, just think of what I can accomplish now that I can use both arms again.  Yeah, the next year is gonna be sweet.

Important Note – I couldn’t have done it without my coaches and training partners at Revolution Dojo and Revolution Martial Arts and Fitness.  Not once did they treat me like I was being a wimp or a baby.  They helped me to modify the techniques and exercises to accommodate my disabilities.  They encouraged me to do the best that I could at that time.  I do appreciate you guys and thank you for your patience.  Thank you.

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