If You Stop I’ll Cry

     Nobody wants to be the butt face that hurts the girl in class.  Or in my case, the little old lady.  It’s a COMBAT sport!  I’m gonna get hurt.  You’re gonna get hurt.  We are all gonna get hurt at some time or another.  When I’m hurt, I will tap.  I might have a sharp intake of breath.  I might even (God forbid) squeal like a girl.  If I’m really hurt, I will roll onto my back and squeeze my eyes together, due to pain, not tears.  There was one time… I was hurt so bad… I told the guys to just drag me over to the corner.  Every time, I’ve been hurt, I got back up (eventually) and fought again.   Now, if you were to stop, because you didn’t want to be the butt face, THAT would make me cry.  It would make me feel weak and insignificant.  Those are horrible feelings and I don’t like them. 

     I train with you guys because you are good training partners.  I know you are not going to go “Captain Cave Man” on me.  I trust you guys.  So just relax and roll.

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