The Elephant in the Room

     Ok, I know some of you guys read my blog Make it easy on yourself.  Look to the upper right hand corner, under the search box.  Do you see the section that says email subscription?  Type your email address in the box below that and then click on the “Sign me up!” bar.  You will then get my posts emailed to you everytime I spew my phsycho-babble bull crap.

     Also, you are able to leave comments.  You just click the word comment after the post.  Comments can range from.”I like that post”, to “Now, Jodi you’ve lost your flipping mind!”  Feel free to get creative.  I do.

     In the dojo, you are able to and should give verbal feed back such as, “What kind of crack were you smoking when you wrote that?”  I will laugh… and then write about it.  😉

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