And The Results Are… (WWIT1.0)

     The question is, what would it take to get more women on the mats training in BJJ?  The purpose of the “What Would it Take?” project, is to stimulate some sort of market research focused on women in BJJ.  There is little information out there about women training in BJJ.  I feel that BJJ instructors need information about that crazy crap that goes on inside women’s minds.  They need to know why we show up at their door.  They need to know why some women give up on BJJ and others cling to it like a life line.  I think if they understood our reasons for training and/or leaving, that they could be more effective instructors.  Effective instructors will result in increased enrollment and student retention.

     Phase one of the project was a survey that consisted of twelve open-ended questions.  I choose open-ended questions, because I wanted women to speak their mind, completely and unrestricted.  I’m not a normal “girl” , I grew up in a family of boys.  The result is that sometimes, I think more like a guy than a girl.  So, I needed to understand how women think.  It’s been an eye-opening experience for me.  I would like to thank the women that participated in phase one.  Because of you I now know how to proceed with phase two.  However, before I start work on phase two, I want to share what I learned.  The amount of information is overwhelming.  I have decided to break the information down into smaller bits.  As a result, I will post several articles, each will focus on one of questions and its corresponding answers.  Thanks again for sharing your hearts and minds with me.

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