WordPress vs Internet Explorer 9

WordPress / Internet Explorer 9 compatability glitch resolution at bottom.

I downloaded Internet Explorer 9 last night. I do like the look and feel of it so far. There is no cluttery junk on the screen. The web page viewing area is very big. I just have these moments of “Where’d my crap go?!” But it’s still there; put away under small icons to the right of the screen. The bars and tabs that it does have are transparent, so that you can see your wallpaper through it. Really nice product if you are a neat freak. But, Sometimes it doesn’t seem to want to play with WordPress. It could just be me. Has anybody else made the transistion to Internet Explorer 9? If you have, what problems have you had? Were you able to resolve them and how?

I found the answer:

For now, if you are using Internet Explorer 9 to access WordPress you have to turn on the combatibility feature.

  1. Right click the invisible bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Click menu bar.
  3. Click on tools.
  4. Click on compatiblity view.
  5. You’re done.
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