Moving Mountains

     This is about “That Kid”.  You know the one.  Every school gets one at some time or another.  He’s the kid with the smelly tattered gi.  The one that’s socially awkward.  The one everybody avoids training with.  Let me tell you what you don’t know about that kid.

     Everyday his home life is a living Hell.  A Hell you could never fathom.  The fact that he crawls out of that worthless pit of despair and walks to class, (rain, sleet, or snow) says something.  It says that he’s trying.  He wants to learn another way of being.  That building you call a dojo, that is his life line.  Help him hold onto it.  Encourage him.  Teach him how to live a different life.  You’re going to have to pull him aside and tell him this behavior is appropriate or this behavior is not. You’re going to have to explain to him that he has to wash his gi everyday after class or he’ll get a bad skin infection. But, you also have to tell him he’s good at something too. Maybe he has a half way decent sweep or good cardio. Surely there is something you can compliment him on. At least give him some credit for showing up.  Showing up for him means moving mountains.  What if you had to climb out of the deepest pits of Hell and move a mountain everyday just to get to class?  I think your gi would be smelly and tattered too.

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