Where The Girls Are (WWIT1.1)

     The Southern Ladies were loud and proud!  Of the twenty women that responded to the “What Would It Take” survey, seven were from the Southeastern United States.  The Northeastern United States was represented by four women.  The Northwestern and South Central United States was represented by two women each.  The North Central region had one woman speak her mind.  Sadly, no one from the Southwestern region responded.  Internationally, I received responses from a woman in each of the following countries;  Korea, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.  Oh, there was one that simply claimed the USA with no specific region.

   Now, I have a gazillion more questions.  Why so many women in the Southeastern United States?  Do more women train in BJJ there?  Are those women just more outspoken and/or web savvy?  Is it the climate or culture that lends itself to nurturing women to be BJJ practitioners?  I guess the term “Steel Magnolias” is true! 

     Magnolias are beautiful delicate white flowers.  The slightest touch will cause them to bruise and die.  The oxymoron “Steel Magnolias” is traditionally used to describe southern women.  They appear to be beautiful delicate flowers…  (That is until you piss them off.)  From a historical context, the cultural and regional challenges these women faced, caused the development of a mental core that was strong as steel.  They were survivors that endured hardship with grace and beauty. 

  Without further aduex, I would like to introduce you to the women who participated in phase one of the “What Would it Take?” project.

Question # 1 – What is the general region of the world in which you reside?

  1. SavageKitsune – Seattle, Washington, USA
  2. Anonymous #1 – Northwest, USA
  3. Shakia Harris –  Kentucky, USA
  4. Jen – South Florida, USA
  5. Julia Johansen – Korea
  6. Meg – London, UK
  7. Katie – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  8. Allie – Southern USA
  9. Anonymous #2 – USA
  10. Stephanie – Central Florida, USA
  11. Kim – Texas, USA
  12. Shark Girl – New England, USA
  13. Anonymous #3 – The Netherlands
  14. Anonymous #4 – Mid-Atlantic City, USA
  15. Sanya – South Florida, USA
  16. Liz – New York, USA
  17. Leslie – Southwest Virginia, USA
  18. Anonymous #5 – Central USA
  19. Lontra – Michigan, USA
  20. bjjJunkie – Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA
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3 Responses to Where The Girls Are (WWIT1.1)

  1. bjjJunkie says:

    That’s so awesome! I’m telling you that southern girls mean business! LOL! There are a few who do MMA at our gym, but I am constantly getting consistent ladies to train in BJJ. I have never had so many female training partners ever! When I first got introduced to BJJ there was so few at tourneys and classes…now we are taking over everything! I’m proud to be a part of boosting women in this sport! I’m just a 2 stripe blue but I’m teaching them everything I know and constantly training to progressively evolve in this game. 5 of my girls were promoted recently by our black belt; so we are doing something right to impress him! I couldn’t be more proud! These girls range from 13 to their 30s! This sport is no longer just for the fellas..these girls rock it like it’s nobody’s business! Kudos to all the women who put it down on the mat!

  2. Georgette says:

    I coulda sworn I answered this survey! 😦 Sorry I must have MEANT to and failed miserably….

  3. bjjJunkie – LOL – I do feel the beginnings of a mass invaision! I think people such as yourself are important to the progression of BJJ as a women’s sport. Thanks for all that you do to help the noobs!

    Georgette – I did have an email glich and lost a few of the survey results. 😦 Your’s was probably one of those. Sorry.

    I still have a lot of information to go through with the phase one. I’m using that information to plan phase two. Phase two will be an anonymous multiple choice survey. I’m thinking of using survey monkey for that. Keep an eye out for it in about three to four months. I will publicise that one more.

    Sorry about the gaff and thanks for your support on this project.

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