The Hardest Part

     I’m a chatty little thing at times.  I’ll talk to a fence post if there is no one else to listen.  New students make excellent fence posts.  They are frozen stiff with fear.  They have no combat sport knowledge to verbalize.  They are esentially a fence post standing in the far corner of the room holding up a gi.  Or worse, they are as close to the door as they can get.  The mantra running through their head is, “If this goes south, I can make a run for the door.  It’s right there.  I can almost touch it.” 

     I’ll sneak up on them like a ninja and strategically position myself between them and the door.  Aha!  Trapped, I have them!  Then, I start with the basic, “Hi, my name is Jodi.  You need some help tying that belt?  Here, let me help you.  So, is this your first day?  Have you trained before?  Have you done any other sports?  What kind of work do you do?”  And on and on I go.  Before they know it, I have more info on them than the Internal Revenue Service.  😉  When I finally wear them down and they no longer are fence post stiff, I will drop the big question.  “So, do you have any questions?”

   They always have this one question.  It’s the one ember that they have fanned into a furious fire otherwise known as fear.  Fear of what is to come.  Fear of the unkown.  Fear of their own human limit.  Fear of failure.  All of that fear manifests itself into one question.  “What is the hardest part?”

     That’s when I give them my chesire cat grin and say, “Why, you’ve already done that.”  They give me that you’re a three headed alien speaking swahilii look.  I then explain, “The hardest part of martial arts is stepping onto the mat for the first time, and you’ve already done that.”

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2 Responses to The Hardest Part

  1. Ashley says:

    Love it.
    I was smiling to myself the whole way through! 🙂

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