Momma Was Wrong

     As a single parent, I didn’t have a lot of time, money or energy.  However, there was one thing I tried to do for my kids.  They loved The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Power Rangers and Martial Arts.  So, I invested in that love.  Some people thought I was crazy.   (My mother)  I did it anyway, and I don’t regret it.  Here is a list of some of the reasons.

  1. They are strong.
  2. They are healthy.
  3. They are happy.
  4. They are self-confident.
  5. They are not obese.
  6. They have a strong immune system.
  7. They have strong social skills.
  8. They both survived being mugged without a scratch (One of the muggers cannot say that.)  😉
  9. They are intelligent. (Studies show a correlation to exercise and brain development)
  10. They are coordinated.
  11. They are agile.
  12. They are fast.
  13. They learned breakfalls which prevented a lot of ER trips (they are daredevils).
  14. They are loving and caring.  🙂
  15. There are times when we are upset with each other.  Even then, we can still talk about martial arts.  It’s our common ground.  It’s the glue that holds us together as a family.
  16. I didn’t have to worry about their saftey.  (I knew they had the skills to take care of themselves and the people around them.)

     Can I prove it?  Yes, below is a picture of my youngest son within an hour being hit by a truck while riding his bike.  Because of the years of training, he was able to do a two handed palm heel block (karate training), clear his legs from the bicycle (Tae Kwondo Do training), and land on his feet.  Yes, he blocked a truck.  By placing his hands on the truck and clearing his legs of the bicycle he was able to allow the truck’s momentum to push him away from the accident.  The bicycle was mangled under the truck.  My son’s injury?  You can’t see it?  It’s right there, the little red scratch on his forearm, close to his elbow.  Still can’t see it?  I guess that proves my point.  I wasn’t as crazy as my mom thought I was.  My boys are alive and well today because of the martial arts training they had.

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6 Responses to Momma Was Wrong

  1. Georgette says:


    WELL DONE!!!!

  2. Yeah, there are a lot of people out there that strongly disagree with “teaching kids to fight”. What they don’t understand is that “martial arts teach them to live”. (Hey, that sounds like good post title.)

  3. bjjJunkie says:

    now that is some awesome reflex skills…i’m glad he is ok!

  4. Jason says:

    That is cool! Sounds like something out of a action movie.

    • LOL, you should see them in action. The one that “blocked the truck” is twenty years old. He started training when he was not quite four (at the instructor’s request). All together, he has about ten years of training.

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