Task List, June 2011

     I have come to a place where I have to pause and reassess things.     The past ten months have been fraught with injuries, illnesses, and life interuptions.  I know my body is not 100%, so I haven’t been pushing myself.  However, it’s time for me to put my big girl gi pants on.  Suck it up and get motivated to train.  *note to self – start small*

  1. Get to class as much as possible.
  2. Focus on triangles this month.
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3 Responses to Task List, June 2011

  1. shakiaharris says:

    i’ve found that whenever i visit the partner gyms and roll with some different people it helps me get my flame back. I love everyone at our main gym but sometimes it helps to mix it up and shake off the feeling of stagnation. Hope you feel better

  2. Thanks Shakia, I really do need to drive out to our other location and train some. I dread the drive and the traffic, but your are right. Thanks for the encouragement.

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