A Woman’s Age (WWIT1.2)

What Would It Take Question # 2 – How old are you?

     I think most people would expect Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to be most popular among women in their early twenties.  Specifically college students that watch UFC with their boyfriends.  But no, the results of the “What Would It Take” project continue to suprise me.  There were only two women in that early twenties age group.  The results of the second question, “How old are you?” revealed that the youngest of the survey takers was twenty and the oldest was forty.  Eight ladies were in their twenties.  Seven ladies were in their thirties.  Three ladies were forty.   The average age of the ladies that responded to the survey was thirty.  Over half were between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five.  It could be speculated that this particular age range is when women “throw away” childhood fantasies.  They also cast out traditional modes of thinking.  They are piecing together their future.  Exploring different options.  Trying new and different things.  BJJ would be new and very different.

     Of course, this is not a scientific study.  It’s just an exploration into who are the women on the mats.  The majority of the women that responded are bloggers.  These women courageously poor their hearts out on the web for anyone to read.  They provide intimate details about what it’s like being a woman on the mat.  This information, these intimate details allow other women to understand what their up against.  It gives other women inspiration to try BJJ or stick with it.  It is my opinion that these women are the key to getting more women on the mat.

  1. SavageKitsune – 39
  2. Anonymous #1 – 33
  3. Shakia Harris –  20
  4. Jen – 40
  5. Julia Johansen – 34
  6. Meg – 35
  7. Katie – 26
  8. Allie – 28
  9. Anonymous #2 – 30
  10. Stephanie – 28
  11. Kim – 28
  12. Shark Girl – 40
  13. Anonymous #3 – 29
  14. Anonymous #4 – 40
  15. Sanya – 25
  16. Liz – 25
  17. Leslie – 30
  18. Anonymous #5 – late 30’s
  19. Lontra – 21
  20. bjjJunkie – 35
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