Cats Cheat at BJJ

     I made it to the Katy school for the Women’s class.  It’s always great to train with the girls over there, because they are so nice and closer to my size.  I’m always at a disadvantage training with guys, because they are twice my size.  No, it’s not easier training with the girls, it’s just different.  They are more flexible and smaller, so they are able to get their knees and elbows into tiny spaces.  Basically, I get a taste of my on medicine.  They are doing to me, what I normally do to the guys.  Tricksey they are.  😉

     It’s also great to see how the girls have advanced.   There’s this one girl that I trained with on her 5th class.  I rolled with her that night and tonight.  I was so amazed at how much she has learned in such a short time (four months).  I quickly had to step the skill level up and still ended up playing her game for a bit.  Odd thing, she plays a lot of spider like me.  It was like rolling with myself, but with longer legs.  Getting a taste of my own medicine yet again.  HMM, my medicine doesn’t taste very good. LOL!  I love it.  It’s great to see these girls on the mat.

     I got a chance to drill with a blue belt.  She’s been training for a few years at another school and has been a wonderful addition to the Revolution Team.  She helped me work a few kinks out of my triangle.  I still have a lot to work on but we exchanged numbers and are planning to get together to do some drilling next week.

     I was sitting around chatting with her for a bit when this lanky little kid walks up and asked if I wanted to roll.  He looked maybe eight or ten years old and he was on the skinny side.  I had a good twenty or more pounds on him.  Yeah, I’m a sucker…  I forget how good the kids are at Revolution.  I had to quickly adjust to his skill level too.  I did get his back and got him in a rear naked and a cross collar choke, but I couldn’t finnish either one.  I held both for a long time and started to worry that I was going to hurt him.  Yeah, suckered again… I gave up and let him escape and then it was on.  I finally gave him an armbar so my torture would end!  😉

     I got home, showered and curled up in bed to work on the blog.  That’s when my cat came up and challenged me to a roll.  I figured, “Hey, I’ve got one more roll in me.”  She was working an armbar on me but I just wouldn’t tap.  So, she bit me!  Hey That’s cheating!  The moral of this story…  Never roll with a cat because cats cheat at BJJ.  🙂

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